How to Become a Captain:

Complete the following steps each year:
1. Click HERE to register as a captain.
2. Click HERE to complete a LHISD background check (Opens July 1st; any applications submitted prior to July 1st have been deleted.):

This must be completed each year. Once you receive an email confirming that your volunteer application has been approved, please forward it to [email protected].

3. Click HERE to join LHFT Captains’ GroupMe.
4. THSBA captains only: Click HERE to complete your SafeSport certification.

There is a $10 fee for this training. Please email us a copy of your payment receipt, and the team will reimburse you for this fee. Once you complete the training and pass the test, the THSBA app will prompt you to upload your certificate. This certification is good for 2 years, but captains will need to submit their certificates each year (check your inbox and email archives from SafeSport).

5. THSBA captains only: Download the THSBA app.

Once in the app, go to your profile to complete the THSBA registration and THSBA waiver. 

6. FAN captains only: Click HERE to complete the FAN Captain/Volunteer Waiver.

This must be completed each year. You will receive a confirmation email after your volunteer waiver has been submitted.

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