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The Liberty Hill Fishing Team is a non-profit organization. With the support of volunteers and local businesses, we help promote the sport of bass fishing and get youth anglers on the water. Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month at LHHS at 6:00pm.

Upcoming Tournaments / Events Calendar

Tournament Rules & Regulations

LHFT Angler of the Year Awards

There are 3 divisions:

  • Varsity (grades 12 & 11)
  • JV (grades 10 & 9)
  • JUNIOR (grades 8, 7 & 6)
  • The 1st, 2nd & 3rd place individuals in each division will be recognized at year-end awards.
  • The AOY scholarship will go to the high school student (Varsity or JV) with the highest AOY score.
  • Points from tournaments 1 – 8 will be considered for calculating Angler of the Year scores.
  • For Varsity and JV members, the best 6 out of 8 tournament scores will be used.
  • Team events that provide additional point opportunities for Angler of the Year scoring: Community service = 100 pts & Meeting/event attendance = 25 pts

FAN Rules:

Notes on FAN Championship:

  • FAN utilizes an individual point system.
  • Angler must fish in 3 qualifier tournaments to be eligible.

How to qualify for FAN Championship:

  1. Top 10% of teams at each FAN qualifying event
  2. Top 50% of anglers based on total points

Tournament Sign-Up:

Anglers can form a team and fish all season together. Typically we prefer that so the captain and team get into a routine.

THSBA Rules:

Notes on THSBA Regionals & Championship:

  • THSBA utilizes a team based point system.
  • Team must fish in 3 of the 5 qualifiers to be eligible.

How to qualify for THSBA Regionals:

  1. Winning team at each THSBA HC event (THSBA HC #1 – #5)
  2. Top 50% of teams based on total points from THSBA HC #1 – #5

How to qualify for THSBA State:

  1. Top 40% of teams from Regionals

This tournament trail is 100% optional. Events are not on the LHFT calendar, will not be paid with LHFT funds and will not count toward AOY points. This trail is just another opportunity to get on the water if you are interested.



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